Vehicles of The Institute

Land Vehicles


Each employee of The Institute is assigned an automobile upon the beginnings of his/her employment, customized to the employee's preference in style and color.

All external surfaces of Institute automobiles are impervious to all types of small-arms fire. All attempts by supernatural creatures to penetrate the surfaces via natural attributes (claws, teeth, etc) have thus far failed.

Institute automobiles contain sensory packages equivalent in function to those carried by Agents in the field. Both the range and the resolution of the automobile-mounted sensors are superior to their hand-held counterparts. Readouts can be superimposed on the windshield or displayed on the dashboard.

Exact performance statistics of Institute automobiles is dependent on individual customazations.

All Institute automobiles carry several defensive armaments, though the exact layout varies from vehicle to vehicle. Common armaments include

Ultraviolet Headlamps--Most common among Agents in the Vampire Division. The ultraviolet headlamps simply flood the area ahead of the automobile with high-intensity UV light, causing great harm to creatures sensitive to UV light, such as vampires.

Flamethrower--Probably the most common weapon, due to the fact that almost all potential hostile forces are vulnerable to fire. The flamethrower is placed on a swivel mount, and kept underneath the automobile's hood until activated.

Targeting is accomplished by linking the flamethrower's movement to the head movements of the Agent driving, with targeting crosshairs superimposed on the windshield. Effective range is approximately 50 meters.

Silver Filaments--The automobiles of many Agents can, with the flip of a switch, have their exterior surfaces criss-crossed with dozens of silver filaments, hopefully providing an additional defensive barrier against creatures sensitive to silver.


All Agents are trained in the fundamentals of motorcycle riding, and several Agents utilize them as their preferred means of transportation.

Most of the features available to automobiles are also available to motorcycles, though the size differential often results in the motorcycle versions being somewhat less effective.

Institute motorcycles are also equipped with the Auto Stabilization System--at any time when the motorcycle is tilted more than sixty degrees below the vertical, a stabilizing wheel is extended, preventing a crash. This system can be manually turned off by the rider, if desired.

Other Vehicles

The Institute keeps a small fleet of assorted vehicles--vans, small trucks, and the like--for use when needed.

Air Vehicles


The Institute maintains two small private jets at local airstrips.

These jets have very few differences from normal private jets, the instillation of magic sensors being the major difference.

The jets are primarily meant for transportation of Agents into the general area of an assignment.


The Institute owns three helicopters, all of which are kept in an underground hangar next to the parking garage.

The first is a two-man scout helicopter, packed to capacity with sensory equipment.

The second helicopter is an armored transport helicopter, designed to transport large numbers of Agents into potentially hostile situations, if necessary.

The third is a one-man attack helicopter, capable of providing heavy fire support where needed. Use of this helicopter is restricted to emergency situations, due to the inevitable hassles with civil authorities following its use.

Sea Vehicles


There is currently one Institute submarine in operation, the ISS (Institute Submersible Ship) Cthulhu.

The sub is a Soviet Delta III class nuclear missile submarine, purchased from the Russians after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The submarine has undergone extensive modifications--the nuclear power plant has been removed and replaced by a much smaller and more efficient power source, the control, sensor, and torpedo fire control systems were all replaced by current designs, and the most advanced computer system available was installed.

As a result of these modifications, the ISS Cthulhu is capable of being operated by a single person. Thus it was possible to convert the extensive crew quarters into laboratories.

The upper section of the bow of the submarine has been modified into a boat dock, in which both a speedboat and a mini-sub are docked. It is possible to open the bow of the ship to launch either of the craft.


In addition to the speedboat located on the ISS Cthulhu, The Institute owns several other boats, most of which are docked in various harbors around the world.

Hull and sensor design are similar to that of Institute automobiles, common weapons include missile launchers and high- powered lasers.

All Institute speedboats are outfitted with retractable hydrofoils, for high-speed maneuvering.

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