The following links are all to stories involving vampires (or other supernatural things).

Most of these stories have been posted to the Vampyres mailing list.

Unless otherwise noted, all stories are authored by, and copyrighted by, David Zeiger,

Stories focusing on Elite and/or Frontier

The following stories focus on the author's personas on the Vampyres List, Agents Elite and Frontier of The Institute.


Three groups vie for possession of a powerful artifact, and Elite is caught in the middle. (posted 6/94)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


Elite leads a team of Agents to foil a scheme of Government- enforced decency (posted 3/96)


A vampire hunter is stalking the streets of Dallas, and Elite is sent out to investigate (posted 7/96)

An Institute Christmas

Agents Elite, Frontier, and Asp go on a hunt to find The Institute's stolen Christmas presents. (poted 12/96)


Ordered to destroy the Cult of the Stars, Elite finds out that not everything is as it appears, and old trusts have been misplaced.

(This story still under construction)

Mirror Images

Transported to a post-apocalyptic future, Elite and Frontier find that the evil tyrant running the world is a figure all too familiar.

(This story still under construction)

Tales From The Institute

Elite and Frontier get the most airtime, but they are not the entire Institute.


A writer of vampire novels is a touch too accurate--it's up to The Institute to persuade him into another line of work. (posted 1/98)

Blow to the Heart

An Agent is turned by a vampire, and his wife is the one who must hunt him down.

(This story still under construction)

Blood Hunt

When Agents are murdered, the guilty party faces The Institute's brand of justice.

(This story still under construction)


Agents use radioactive tracers to determine once and for all just how vampires digest blood.

(This story still under construction)

Non-Institute Stories

Yes, I write vampiric stories not involving The Institute. From time to time.


An abused girl is "rescued" by vampires who exact brutal vengeance on those who abuse the helpless. (posted 7/94)

Warning: Explicit Content

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Ice Ice Baby

A vampire who hunts at an underground skating rink finds the tables turned. (posted 6/98)

Warning: Explicit Content

The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Vampire

A teenaged girl realizes her dream of meeting a vampire who wants to turn her. (posted 10/98)

Heisenberg the Vampire

A physics professor finds something strange about the doctor treating his friend's daughter.

(This story still under construction)


Far in the future, vampires and humans live in peace. But not everyone is satisfied with the arrangement.

(This story still under construction)

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