Part 3

Ten days after Sandra had been turned--two days after her first solo hunt--Linda discovered the location of one of the area's other "Masters."

"Sandra, do you know anything about this 'Master Carl?'" Mary asked.

"Only rumors." Sandra replied, "If only half of them are true, he's the worst there is. He supposedly has to constantly acquire new girls to replace 'casualties.'"

"Well then," Mary said, "let's go and make a 'casualty' of him."

"Mary, I'm not so sure I should go along." Sandra said, "I'm not sure I can handle it."

"Nonsense. It's the best thing for you. Trust me, I know."


"Gee, Dad, this is the best birthday present I've ever gotten!"

"Glad you're enjoying it, Johnny!" Carl replied, "But there's no need to go so fast. Hell, you've already gone through two of my best bitches! You've got all night, and I got you a hole for every year."

"Every year?" Johnny asked, "But I'm 16, and you've only got five sluts here. That's only 15 holes."

"Ah!" Carl smiled, a glint in his eye, "As soon as you finish with that one, come over here, and I'll show you the 16th."

A few minutes later, Johnny finished raping his third girl, and he joined his father, next to a chained blonde girl.

"Her again?" Johnny asked, "I already did her. She wasn't very good. In fact, none of them are very responsive."

"Of course not!" Carl sighed, "I never should have let you get your ass on Usenet, it's warped your view of reality. But you are right, this little slut has been rather worthless as of late. That's why she's going to be your 16th hole."

"I don't understand..."

"Well, son, you see, there are times in life when you just have to make your own hole." As he finished the sentence, Carl pulled out a knife and plunged it into the girl's abdomen, carving out a chunk of it.

"Wow! Radical! This should feel neat!" Johnny earnestly began fucking the knife wound.

About two minutes later, the door exploded off it's hinges, and Johnny's last birthday party came to an abrupt end, as the four vampires entered the room.

Denise approached Johnny, who was still inside the now-dead girl. "Enjoying yourself, boy?" she asked as she pulled him off the body, "Well, turnabout is fair play." Extending her claws, Denise disemboweled the boy.

Dying, Johnny slumped to the ground, futilely attempting to stuff his intestines back in.

Within a minute, the remaining girls were freed, and Carl was chained up.

"Well, 'Master,'" Mary taunted, "now the fun can really begin. Sandra, care to do the honors?"

"No." Sandra replied, turning towards the door.

"What?" Mary gasped, stunned.

"I'm sorry, Mary. This just isn't right for me. I think it would be best if I left."

"Sandra, I understand." Mary circled her hand around Sandra's shoulder and pulled her into a hug, "We each must find our own path. But if you ever change your mind, remember, you are welcome with us."

"I will remember. Thank you. For everything." Breaking the embrace, Sandra left, to find her new life.

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