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Copyright 1994 by David Zeiger


Part 1

"HOW DARE YOU HESITATE, BITCH!" Sandra was knocked down by the force of the backhand that accompanied the shout.

The throbbing in her jaw was immediately forgotten, replaced by searing agony as the whip was brought down upon her naked back, leaving an angry red gash in its wake.

"Slut, you should know better. When I give you an order, it is to be obeyed instantly. Now sit up and suck his cock!"

"Yes, Master." Sandra gasped as she sat up and took into her mouth the rigid phallus of the man who had just, impassively, witnessed the violent display. He was the first of many, tonight.


Sandra had run away from home when she was 14, determined to find her dream.

This was not it.

Now, Sandra would be spending her eighteenth birthday the way she had spent the last three--by having her body abused in every conceivable way, until she was sore and bleeding. If she resisted, the violations would stop, only to be replaced by the feel of the lash, the rod, or the cane. Then would come the bindings, then the invasion would begin anew.


Finally, her ordeal was over for the night, and Sandra collapsed, coated in a mixture of sweat, cum, blood, and piss.

"Pick yourself up, you lazy cunt!" the master ordered, "I've got you all to myself the rest of the night, and by God I'm gonna enjoy it!"

"Wrong, asshole!" stated a voice from the top of the stairs, "Not tonight, and never again."

"Wow!" the master gasped as he looked at the shapely, leather- clad blonde woman who had spoken. "Come to join the party, slut?" he walked over to an intercom and pressed the button, "George! Get to the basement, now!"

George made it to the basement immediately. Head first. The rest of the body followed a few seconds later.

"Ah, his name was George, was it?" asked one of the two women who had joined the first.

"I don't know who the fuck you bitches are, but you're gonna die!" The man, master no longer, pulled out a revolver and pointed it at the three women, who had come down the stairs and were approaching him.

In his panic, his aim was wild. Three bullets went harmlessly into the walls and ceiling. Two of them struck the lead woman, to no apparent effect. The final bullet struck Sandra in the chest.

"Who are we?" the lead woman asked, extending her claws and gripping the man by the throat, "We," she continued, bringing his face against hers and baring her fangs, "are vengeance!" She then threw the man into a corner, and spoke to the other two "Denise, Linda, tie him up."

"Gladly, Mary." the two responded.

As soon as he was tied, Linda and Denise ripped his clothes off, and Mary raked her claws across his midsection. The man screamed in agony.

"So, 'Master,'" Mary jeered, "can't take what you dish out, eh? Guess I'll just have to find a way to shut you up." She walked over to a nearby counter, and picked up one of the items, "Hmmm, a ball gag. This would work, but it gives me a much better idea.

Mary walked back over to the man, and in one swift motion ripped off his testicles and stuffed them in his mouth.

It was at this point that Sandra passed out.

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