Other Equipment

Goggles Mk I

All Agents are required to wear goggles while on assignment. In addition to the mundane protection provided by the shatterproof lenses, Institute goggles have several other features.

Input ports are available on both the left and the right sides of the goggles.

Institute weaponry systems plug into the right port, providing targeting information directly to the goggles, which is then superimposed on the Agent's field of vision.

Institute sensor systems plus into the left port, allowing a similar display of information. Sensor systems can be "daisy- chained," into the left port, allowing a combination of displays from several sensors simultaneously.

Institute goggles also maintain a constant scan of the Agent's brainwaves, watching for patterns indicating that an outside force is attempting to alter the Agent's thought patterns.

When such an alteration is detected, the goggles work to counteract the outside influence, freeing the Agent of external control.

Physically, this is represented by the goggles mirroring over on the outside.

Institute goggles can also be constructed in such a way as to act as corrective lenses for Agent's with imperfect vision.

Many Agents, particularly those with vision impairments, have the goggles customized to resemble an ordinary pair of glasses.

Goggles Mk II (prototype)

The Mk II goggles are essentially identical to the Mk I goggles.

The main advancement is that they are designed to accept the wireless input from the Mk II weapons and sensors.

Silver Extraction Device

This device is used primarily by Agents of the Vampire and Were divisions.

Its appearance is that of a scalpel with a tube attached to one side.

The scalpel is just that.

The tube is a small vacuum pump. It is capable of telescoping out to a surprising length, quickly becoming small enough to fit through most blood vessels.

A small sensor is located at the tip of the tube, capable of distinguishing microscopic amounts of silver for removal via suctioning.

Working on its own, the sensor and vacuum apparatus is capable of detecting and removing more than 80% of the silver present in a body. However, the intrusive nature of the device can cause significant amounts of damage to the subject on its own. As a result, the fully automatic mode is not recommended for use on living (or undead) subjects.

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