Investigative Department

The Investigative Department of The Institute is perhaps the most well-known Institute department. Members of the department--normally using the title of "Agent," carry out essentially all of the field work done by The Institute.

Thus, almost all contact between The Institute and the outside world (both mundane and supernatural) is done through this department.

The department is further split between four divisions.

The Vampires Division is primarily concerned with the investigation of vampires--creatures that absorb the life-energy of other creatures through unconventional means, usually involving the drinking or ingestion of blood.

The Magic Division involves itself with the investigation of spells, magical items, and spellcasters.

The Were Division investigates shape-shifters, from the classic werewolf to more unconventional shifts. While all investigations thus far have been on human-animal shifts (or vice-versa), more exotic shifts would also fall under this division.

The Miscellaneous Phenomena Division covers anything not covered in the above, ranging from ghosts to faeries to mermaids and more.

Since field work necessitates training in combat techniques, due to the dangerous nature of many subjects who have been known to react violently upon learning that they are being studied, the Investigative Division is also used to provide general Security for Institute installations.

The Investigative department, while considered a single unit, actually has no bureaucratic structure of its own. Instead, the division heads each report directly to one of The Institute's Directors. At this time, the Vampire and Magic divisions report to Directer Luken, while the Were and Misc Phenomena divisions report to Director Manholtz.

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