Ice Ice Baby

Copyright 1998 by David Zeiger

Disclaimer: Contained within this story are scenes involving sex. Contained within this story are scenes involving violence. Contained within this story are scenes involving violent sex.

In other words, this Ice ain't Vanilla. Minors should print out the story and have a parent or at least an adult review it (printouts are preferred as they are much easier to burn). Adults should probably have someone else review it as well. Heck, I probably should give it to someone who will stop me from publishing it in the first place, but titling a story with the sole intent of using it as a bad pun in the disclaimers is a felony that carries the death penalty in six states, so it's already too late for me.


Victoria smiled as she walked down the stairs to the underground entertainment complex. It was Wednesday night.

And at Steve's Subterranean Ice Skate Emporium, Wednesday night was Goth night.

While waiting for her skates at the rental counter, Victoria scanned the crowd, ignoring the multitudes of posted "Skate at your own risk" signs (the combination of skate blades and mosh pits was enough to make any insurance adjustor break out in hives). There was a good crowd tonight--plenty of choice selections to pick from.

She spent most of the first hour just skating around the huge complex, noting who had already split off into early pairings. Before it's conversion into an ice rink, the complex had been intended as some sort of shopping mall, so there were a lot of side-corridors, pretty well shielded from the main rink, for those who wanted a little privacy. Security cameras kept most of the dealers away, but simply encouraged those with more voyeuristic tendencies. "Sex On Ice I" was a brisk seller at many adult websites.

Victoria also made sure to spend some time skating with some of the other regulars who had shown up. Get two people together who are both experienced in skating to Goth music, and they'll put on an Ice Dancing show that would give the Olympic Committee nightmares. The other regulars also knew that her, more private, tastes ran towards newcomers, so the dances were uncluttered by any thoughts of silly mating rituals.

After mixing it up with the crowd for a bit, she found what was to be her target for the night. He called himself Ivan--she could sense that it wasn't his real name, but that didn't really matter, as it wasn't like she was going home with him, or even out of the rink. Besides, he did sort of resemble a pale Dolph Lundgren.

As soon as the pair maneuvered themselves to one of the side corridors, Ivan's hands reached for Victoria's pants. Victoria quickly put a stop to that, grabbing his hands and pushing the much larger man against the wall, squelching his protests with a deep, intense kiss.

"Now, now, my dear Ivan," she said, as she let him up for air, "you're the newcomer here--let the more experienced one take control, and I promise you a night you won't forget."

She kissed him again, moving his arms around so that both of them could be pinned by only one of hers. She then moved her free hand down his body, unsnapped his pants, and reached into his boxers.

"Oh, yeah," Ivan groaned as Victoria's kisses moved away from his mouth and across his cheek, "that's it," he leaned his head to the side as she started kissing his neck, "keep stroke..Erk!" his eyes jumped open in surprise as Victoria's fangs sunk home and she started drinking.

A short time later, Victoria looked one last time at the unconscious form of Ivan, searching for any stray bloodstains she may have missed. When satisfied, she gave him a peck on the forehead, whispered "Sorry I lied about the 'won't forget' bit," then skated back into the main rink. The regulars were quite used to her returning from her trysts alone.


The following Tuesday evening found a blond haired man sitting in a hotel suite, flipping through the pages of his digital Rolodex.

"Hmmm," he muttered under his breath, "what city am I in again? Ah, here we are." Picking up the phone, he dialed the number on the LCD.

"Yeah, is this Vinnie?

"Because most of the people I talk to in your situation are named something like that, that's how I know.

"Yeah, well, before you bluster on any more, has your boss ever told you what to do to when a customer requests a FE Special?

"Ah, yes, that's a much better attitude to take. I'm at The Grand, Suite 1013.

"About an hour, name of Sheila. Thank you, Vinnie, it was a pleasure doing business with you."


An hour later, there was a knock at the door of the hotel room. The occupant opened the door, revealing a petite, attractive blonde.

"Ah, you must be Sheila." the man said, "Do come in."

Sheila glanced around the suite as she entered, noting in particular the stack of hundred-dollar bills on the dresser. "So, what's your name?" she asked.

"Most of me by the nickname Encounter."

"Encounter, eh? Well, it's your session. So, what's on tap for tonight?"

"Well, first I think you should strip, then I've got a few restraints on the bed I'd like you to get into."

"Ah, a kinky one. I should have guessed. I can do kink, but it will cost you extra."

"Cost is not an object." Encounter said, pulling out his wallet and putting 5 extra hundreds on the existing stack, "That enough?"

"I'm all yours, honey," she replied, spreading herself out on the bed.

In short order, Sheila's wrists and ankles were restrained to the bed. With that done, Encounter pulled out a large ball-gag.

"Isn't that a bit big?" Sheila asked, looking at the oversized ball.

"I've found that it suits my purposes. I won't buckle it up if you're worried, though." Sheila opened her mouth in response, and the gag was soon put in place.

"Now that you're in position," Encounter said, as he began looking through one of his pieces of luggage, "we're ready to begin. You know, hotel rooms are such a pain sometimes. Even spacious ones such as this don't have the room I need for the toys I wish to play with. So, I have to make compromises."

Sheila began to moan and shake her head in protest as she saw the small bullwhip Encounter pulled out.

"Now, this is quite a bit smaller than the ones I prefer to use. So I made a little addition to this particular whip."

Upon seeing the steel barb at the end of the whip, Sheila began protesting even more vigorously, attempting to push the unsecured gag out of her mouth.

"Now, now, I can't have you doing that." Encounter said, and with a quick flip of the wrist, sent the tip of the whip towards Sheila's restrained body.

Sheila closed her eyes in anticipation of the pain of impact. Strangely, though she felt the impact, she didn't feel the expected pain. Opening her eyes, she saw the steel barb embedded within the rubber ball in her mouth.

"Now, I'll make a deal with you. And I suggest you take it. You see, I really don't care for the way that gags distort facial features. But I can't have you making too much noise--not here.

So here's the deal. I'll remove the gag, and you agree to be silent. In return, I'll put away the whip. If you start making noise, the gag goes back in, strapped on, and I bring the whip back out. So do we have a deal?"

Sheila, tears running down her face, realized that she didn't have much of a choice, and nodded her head.

"Good. Open wide!" Encounter yanked on the whip, wrenching Sheila's jaws open as the oversized gag was pulled out of her mouth.


The next night found Victoria back on the ice. Her selected partner for tonight was named Mark. She suspected that this was his real name--he didn't seem clever enough to be using a pseudonym.

But she wasn't looking for clever guys, she was looking for delicious guys. "And he certainly was that." she thought as she wiped the last bit of blood from his neck.

"Nice to see you clean up after your meals, at least." Came a voice from deeper within the alcove.

Cursing herself for not checking the area more thoroughly, she faced the approaching figure and asked "Do I know you?"

"No reason to." the man replied, "After all, this is our First Encounter."

As he drew within arm's length, his right hand struck out, discharging a blast from a stun gun into her midsection. Her muscles convulsed from the blast of electricity, mouth opening in shock.

Encounter immediately slapped his left hand over the now-open mouth, sending the small pill he was carrying down her throat.

Then, without another word, he skated out into the main rink.


It only took Victoria a few moments to recover from the shock of the stun gun. As soon as she had recovered motor control, she was out on the ice, ready to tear her attacker limb from limb.

Encounter saw her approaching, and pulled out a small remote control. Pointing it behind him, he pressed a button on it.

Once again, Victoria found herself convulsing in pain. This time, it was from the small pill Encounter had forced down her throat--a pill that was now radiating immense amounts of ultraviolet energy, literally eating her vampiric flesh from the inside-out.

As the attention of most clubgoers was focused on the dying vampire, Encounter was able to drop the skates back at the rental booth and leave the complex unmolested.

"Ah, that was invigorating!" he thought as he walked back to his hotel, "But it could have used a little more action. Oh well, I'll just give Sheila another workout tonight..."